Hair Services

HAIRCUT                                                                                                    $8 w/Shampoo & Conditioner

w/Shampoo, Condition, & Blow Out                                           $15

SHAMPOO SET/BLOW OUT                                                   $10

FLAT IRON / CURL                                                          $20-$25

FORMAL STYLE                                                                $20-$30

Deep Conditioning Treatments

 CHEMISTRY                                                                     $10-$20

MASK                                                                                         $5

HEATCURE                                                                             $35

Ph BONDER TREATMENT                                                     $45


Senior 60 or Older


w/ Shampoo & Conditioner                                                           $6


w/Shampoo, Conditioner, & Blow Out/Set                 $13

SHAMPOO ROLLER SET                                                           $7

Texture Services

PERMANENT WAVING                                                  $28-$40

Includes Haircut & Style

SPIRAL                                                                                   $45+

KERATIN SMOOTHING                                            $88-$125

Additional solution is $6 per bottle

Hair Color a La Carte

COLOR RETOUCH                                                      From $30

COLOR RETOUCH w/ REFRESHER                            From $40

BLEACH / PARTIAL RETOUCH                                  From $30

PARTIAL HIGHLIGHT (15 Foils)                                From $45

PARTIAL w/COLOR RETOUCH                                 From $65

PARTIAL w/ALL OVER COLOR                                  From $85

*all Color Retouches & Partial Highlights include 1oz. of Color & 1oz. of Developer. (1oz of Toner and 1oz. Processing Solution included with Bleach Retouch)


ALL OVER COLOR                                                       From $55

ALL OVER BLEACH                                                     From $55

FULL HIGHLIGHT                                                         From $75

FULL HIGHLIGHT w/COLOR RETOUCH                  From $85

FULL HIGHLIGHT w/ALL OVER COLOR                  From $95

BALAYAGE / OMBRE´                                                  From $75


*all Full Color/ Bleach includes 2oz. of Color & 2oz. of Developer. (2oz. of Toner & 2oz of Processing Solution included with Bleach)


COLOR REMOVER                                                       From $55

Ph BONDER per Bowl                                              $15

Per Foil                                                                                         $3

CITY BEATS per 1oz                                                                  $10

Each additional ounce of Color/Bleach                             $10


All manicures include a hand and arm massage, trim and polish

Plain                                                                                        $5

Hot Oil                                                                                        $7

Therabath*                                                                            $8.75

Polish Change                                                                        $2.00

Gel Top Coat                                                                          $1.00


*Therabath is a great for hydrating and healing dry chapped hands


All pedicures include a foot soak, massage, trim and polish


Plain                                                                                  $15

Therabath**                                                                       $20

Spa                                                                                    $23

Polish Change                                                                    $2.00


**Therabath is great for hydrating and healing dry cracked feet



Acrylic Nails

Acrylic Full Set                                                                   $15

Tips w/Acrylic                                                                   $15

Pink & Whites                                                                   $20

Fills                                                                                    $12

Removal                                                                             $6



Hard Gel                                                                            $15

Gelish Polish                                                                       $11

French Polish                                                                      $2.00

Repair Nail                                                                        $2.00

Nail Art                                                                             $2-$5


Sunless Tanning

Airbrush tanning that gives you a beautiful sun glow. Lasts 5-10 days

Tinted Tan                                                                         $20

Clear Tan                                                        $22

Competition Tan                                                                 $30


Please exfoliate ahead of time, no lotion the day of tan appointment.


All Services are performed by Students under the supervision of an Instructor!



Brow                                                                                  $6.50

Upper Lip                                                                          $4

Chin                                                                                   $4

Face                                                                                   $18.50

Arms                                                                                  $20

Under Arms                                                                       $15

Bikini                                                                                 $30

Lower Leg                                                        $25

Full Leg                                                                              $40

Back                                                                                   $25+

Chest                                                                                  $25+



Formal       $15                                                 Daytime     $10



***All services are performed by students under the supervision of an Instructor. The School has the right to refuse service to clients. If you are dissatisfied with a chemical service you must return within 2 working days to have it examined by an Instructor.


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Facials & Skin Exfoliation Services

Monthly facials are recommended. Some treatments may be suggested in a series every 2 weeks for accelerated results!

#1 Basic Facial- Great way to help you relax with a facial cleansing, face and shoulder massage.                               $15

#2 Scrub Mask Facial- Cleansing, exfoliation, custom masque & extractions of impurities. Good for all skin types but best for congested or blackout prone skin.                            $25

#3 Glycolic Exfoliation Treatment- Must be using Glycolic products prior to this treatment. Best if done in a series of 6-10. Great for fine lines, sun damage, acne, and acne prone skin to prevent the signs of further aging.         $30 (décolleté area $5)

#4 Dermalogica Facial – Treatment uses enzymes to exfoliate, essential oils during the facial and décolleté massage, extractions, and custom treatment masks to give your skin a great pick me up! (all skin types)    $40

#5 Image Facial – Facial uses 2 enzyme masks to exfoliate and remove impurities; it will leave your skim glowing. Enhance moisturizes hydrate and refresh; includes extractions and shoulder massage. (all skin types)             $45

#6 Microdermabrasion – Exfoliation and skin rejuvenation procedure that leaves the skin looking softer and brighter. For best results a series of 6-10. You must be on the correct home care products to do a series. Not recommended for cuperose, thin or sensitive skin types.                             $45

#7 Signature Resurfacing Layer Treatment – A fabulous treatment that re-texturizes, brightens, and hydrates, dull stressed and sensitive skin types.                       $55

#8 O2 Lift Treatment – Resurfacing treatment suitable for all skin types. Using oxygen, plant-derived stem cells, peptides, and specifically concentrated botanicals.                   $55

#9 Enhanced Advanced Image Peels – Must be using proper at home Image skin care products and have experienced treatments #7 & #8                       $60+

#10 Back Facial – A relaxing facial for your back. Includes a cleanse, exfoliation, extractions and relaxing massage and mask.                                                                           $35




























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Our students provide great customer service to the public in fields of hair , skin and manicuring. 

All services provided to the public are performed by students who are are greatly supervised by instructors at all times. To make an appointment please call    916 - 725 - 6861